When deciding to build a home, finding the location can be the hardest part, especially now when open land is becoming scarce.

The questions you must ask yourself are: How soon do I want to build, how much money am I willing to spend, how far out of town am I willing to live, and what is the square footage of the home I want.

The things to remember are: Raw land (property with no utilities) will be less expensive to purchase but will take longer to develop, therefore much patience is required. Whereas a completed lot (utilities are to the property, most likely on sewer or a septic system is in place) will most definitely cost more but the wait time to start your project will be considerably less, providing there are no other issues such as financing or “red flags” regarding that property.

When developing a raw piece of property, you may need to do the following items: Perk tests, install a well, bring in utilities, have a septic system design drawn, approved and then installed, tree removal, level your building area.

A completed lot is most times ready to go as the utilities are to the edge of the property and your site costs will most likely be considerably less, hence the higher price tag.

Building permits for a home built within the city limits are considerably more than permits for a home built in the county. This is information you will want to know before your purchase and can be obtained either by your realtor or by calling the county or city and inquiring as to what those fees will be.

“Red flags” are something to be aware of no matter where your desired property is located. Full disclosure of all issues by the seller is the law but sometimes things can get missed or perhaps the seller isn’t fully aware either. That is why we encourage all our potential clients to contact the city or county’s building department to inquire about any possible “red flag” issues with the property in question. Such as; utility or road easements running through your desired building area or any environmental issues like wetland or geological concerns. We have seen clients purchase property without contacting the right authorities only to find out they were responsible for putting a manhole in front of their property before they could build to the tune of $50,000.00 and for some, that could be a deal killer.

The desired square footage of your desired home matters if you have your eye on a lot that is in town and close to other homes. Finding out the setbacks on all four sides of the property will help you realize what kind of house footprint you will be allowed. This information can also be obtained by the building department.

Whatever your property purchasing questions may be, or if you would like more information regarding a home build, give us a call, we are here to help.

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