When speaking with potential clients, one of the first questions is usually, how long does it take to build a house?

The answer, of course, does vary. Our response is, depending on our schedule, the size of your home, and where your property is located. But for most, we average on 6-7 months. Not too bad, right?

Six months can easily fly by, even when you are not building a home but, patience is an emotion you will need during the last month or so of your project.

The beginnings of a build go by very quickly and it’s easy to get excited and full of anticipation. From site prep and foundation to drying in the house (framing, windows, roof, siding) usually takes a mere 6 weeks.

Once we move into the home, things start to slow down a bit due to the many things that have to happen next. Rough electrical, rough plumbing, heating, vacuum systems. Kind of boring stuff but you get wrapped up in the walk throughs that are needed, deciding where all of these things are going, plugs, switches, light fixture locations, types of plumbing and water heaters, perhaps even sprinkler systems which are now required in many areas.

Now walls start to go up and you are busy picking out the interior amenities. Granite vs tile or Formica, wood flooring, carpet, linoleum, cabinets, wall colors, lighting and plumbing fixtures. It is all very exciting and somewhat time consuming. This part can be quite stressful for some and takes careful consideration for there is so much out there to choose from.

Now, you’ve made all of your decisions and there is nothing to do but wait to see it all go in which, of course, does not happen all at the same time. Each item mentioned must be scheduled and installed separately. You may find yourself visiting your project daily and the process is seeming agonizingly slow. Your emotions are high. Your nervous about your decisions. Your brain is screaming hurry up! I just want to see this done!! I want to move in!!! You, are not alone, everyone feels this way. Now, it’s time for that infamous virtue to kick in.

The finishing touches on your much anticipated home can seem life-long. Do yourself a favor and try not to visit every day. Maybe think about a mini vacation. Find ways to focus on other things. Just remember, it won’t last forever, your move-in date will come, and the excitement will all begin again.

We hope you will consider letting Appleton Homes guide you through this process with knowledge, compassion, and fluidity.

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